Chapter Leadership

The Sacramento Valley Rose is run by dedicated volunteers that include an elected board, support positions, and committee members.Thank you to all who step up. Your service is appreciated!

2018 Chapter Officers

President: Anna J Stewart, votes in case of a tie
The president oversees the chapter and the board. 

Vice-President of Programs: Bonnie Phelps and Deborah Putnam (one vote between them) 
The VP of Programs books speakers and manages travel arrangements, meetings, etc. with the help of a few volunteers. 

Vice President of Membership: Suzanne Vince, voting member 
The VP of Membership maintains membership information including the official roster. The VP is the main source of information for all things membership. 

Treasurer: Mary Flournoy, voting member 
Maintains the finances of the chapter. Bookkeeping experience preferred. Does not have signing authorization on the bank account. 

Secretary: Brenda Parker, voting member

Keeps the minutes of the general meetings and board meetings. 

Mailing Address
Sacramento Valley Rose 
PO Box 1254 
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741